Is Your Home or Business Energy Efficient?

Lets face it, the reason why youre at this website is not to see have much you can reduce your electricity bill by installing a really efficient freezer, or how much you can reduce your gas or oil bill by replacing your old washing machine by a new front loading washer that uses one-half the amount of hot water as your old washer. No, youre here because you want that neat looking wind turbine in your backyard or the solar panels on your roof so you can see, feel or hear those kilowatt hours being pumped out of your new renewable energy system.

We understand, we feel the same way. We have the knowledge, ability and desire to show you how much electricity your wind turbine and solar electric panels will produce. We have the neat, colorful tables that compare costs of various systems.

But the true starting point to reduce our carbon footprint is to purchase the most energy efficient appliances and equipment available. Before spending money on renewable energy systems, first spend your money on Energy Star rated appliances and equipment. Youll get the biggest bang for your buck by just doing simple things like replacing your incandescent lamps with Energy Star fluorescent lamps. Or by unplugging electronic equipment that is a constant power draw even when not being used.

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