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if you already have a renewable energy (RE) system installed, such as solar electric (photovoltaic) system, solar thermal system and/or a wind power system, wed like to hear from you. Would you mind sharing your valuable renewable energy experience with others who are considering a similar system? If so, we would greatly appreciate it if you would download the applicable questionnaire(s) listed below.

The questionnaires are in Microsoft word format and PDF format. If youre able to open a Microsoft word document on your computer, the questionnaires are set-up to allow you to easily complete the form on your computer and then email it back to us. You dont need to include your name and address. We just need to know where your renewable energy system is located; your city or town and state.

If you dont have the ability to open a Microsoft word document, the same form is available in PDF format. You could download, complete and mail the form to us.

To complete the form(s), please enter as much information as you can. We realize you wont be able to answer all questions, so no problem if you leave a lot of blank spaces. Also, just enter an "X" in the appropriate spots to indicate your choice. Any information you could provide to us is greatly appreciated! Well update our website with the information provided by you.

Towards the end of each questionnaire are questions about your Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and Carbon Credits. Did you know that your RE system produces a "green" component that can actually be sold? This "green" component of your energy production is referred to as a "Green Tag."

Green Tags

To you owners of RE systems, we want to contribute to your RE system maintenance fund by selling the Green Tags created by your system. Each unit of energy created from a non-polluting RE system avoids a unit of energy being created from a polluting source, such as coal or oil. In other words a 1,000 watt PV system installed at a home in Portsmouth, NH, will create about 1,300 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year. This electricity is provided directly to the home reducing the homeowners electric bill from the electric company by 1,300 kWh per year. The homeowners PV system is also reducing the amount of fossil fuel burned by the electric company by 1,300 kWh per year.

Over half of the electricity generated in the USA today is from coal. Each kWh of electricity generated from coal generates about 2 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2). Owners of RE systems may sell the "green" component of their energy production in the form of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or Carbon Credits, which are collectively know as Green Tags.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

It is easy to measure and record the RECs generated from wind power and solar electric (PV) systems. A revenue meter records the production of the kilowatt-hours produced from wind power and solar electric (PV) systems. The RECs are also more valuable than carbon credits. RECs sell for up to 5 cents per kWh, but vary by state. Renewable energy systems installed in Massachusetts receive 5 cents per kWh. The next highest paying New England states are Rhode Island and Connecticut, which pay 3 cents per kWh. These 2 states however do allow renewable energy system owners in any New England state to sell their RECs in Rhode Island and Connecticut for 3 cents per kWh. Maine pays 1 cent per kWh.

In the solar electric example above, the Portsmouth homeowner could realize up to $39 per year in RECs (1,300 kWh x $0.03/kWh = $39). If the Portsmouth home had enough solar electric (PV) panels to provide for its entire electricity requirements, which is a 5,000 watt system, then the system would generate 6,500 kWh per year, yielding $195 in RECs each year.

BEE Co has established an account with the New England Power Pool to sell RECs.

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits sell for up to $15 per metric ton (2,200 pounds) of avoided CO2. The owner of a 2-panel solar thermal system with 80 gallons of hot water storage would generate enough hot water from their system to avoid about 2 metric tons of CO2 per year. The 2 metric tons of CO2 equates up to $30 in Carbon Credits.

It is more difficult to measure and record the energy production from solar thermal and geothermal systems. Were devising a method to verify the energy production from these systems. If youre interested in selling your carbon credits, well work with you to verify the energy production from your system. Well list the systems on our website (by city/town and state) with carbon credits available to be sold and indicate which carbon credits have been sold (retired).

The Future of Green Tags

We do anticipate Green Tags becoming more valuable in the future as federal and state governments enact stricter pollution standards, requiring more companies to purchase Green Tags to offset the pollution they emit. Also, more and more companies are voluntarily purchasing Green Tags to offset their carbon footprint and to represent themselves as a "green" company concerned about the environment. Energy conscious individuals also voluntarily purchase carbon credits to help off set their carbon footprint.

Selling Green Tags

If you do wish to sell your Green Tags, were here to help and you would be helping us. Well return 75% of the proceeds to you and keep 12.5% to cover our costs. The remaining 12.5% is directed to our RE fund, which will help pay for the installation of additional RE systems at other homes. Our cost includes providing verification that your system is active and productive. Selling your Green Tags allows others to contribute to your maintenance fund to ensure your system remains operating at its maximum potential.

This website is an example of a REC transaction. Weve purchased enough RECs to power this website from someones RE system.


Please download the appropriate questionnaire and either mail or email it back to us at:

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Questionnaire for Owners of Solar Electric (PV) Systems (Word 70 Kb)

Questionnaire for Owners of Solar Electric (PV) Systems (PDF 55 Kb)

Questionnaire for Owners of Wind Power Systems (Word 75 Kb)

Questionnaire for Owners of Wind Power Systems (PDF 60 Kb)

Questionnaire for Owners of Solar Thermal Heating Systems (Word 95 Kb)

Questionnaire for Owners of Solar Thermal Heating Systems (PDF 75 Kb)


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